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Odoo Version 16 – The Real Game Changer

Each Odoo version over the years has included a number of interesting and highly helpful features. Nothing has changed this time.

Odoo 16 release notes are intended primarily for users who wish to keep their application up to date with new features and enhanced performance.

Updated Odoo 16 new features offer plenty of benefits. With the introduction of new applications, it has brought several advancements to the prior version.

Companies that utilize Odoo can now use it with various innovations such as improved performance, speed, user experience, and much more. Odoo 16 version highlights what you love most in your business and blends it with the most recent ERP technological era.

You can, for instance, build custom property fields on your leads, tickets, articles, and tasks using the Odoo 16 roadmap.

Odoo 16 new features have increased software compatibility and functionality.

Let’s go over all of the improvements in this blog article, download Odoo 16 and enjoy!

Modifications for Updated Odoo version 16

Odoo is constantly improving its core functions in order to accomplish viable industrial processes. This provides significant benefits to the end user. Odoo 16 new features are simple but cutting-edge, with customer experience as the main concern.

General information of updated software features given below:

Improved Calendar

The calendar's color contrast has been increased in the latest Odoo version 16 to make it easier to read. The Event form allows you to create a video call. From the Event form or the meeting popover, join the video conference.

Combined Profit & Loss Display

Companies that use Odoo now will get combined profit and loss by showing up as positive earnings and negative losses – instead of debit minus cards.

Improved Conversations Methods

Odoo version 16 has improved readability of the discussion’s inbox. Upon clicking over an image attachment in Discuss or on the chatter, a “Download button” has been added. Odoo 16 releases have a large number of emojis organized into categories and a search. There is now a compact/expand mode for the message actions list and You can blur your background during a video call. User interface has also been improved in modified Odoo version 16.

Enhanced Documents Setting

Documents setting has been enhanced to set a maximum size for the larger files. If the file is too big, Odoo version 16 release has a clear error message to make proper changes in the file. In Odoo 16 new features, Split tool now has the “Cancel and Archive buttons” in addition to several UI changes. Document previewing has been enhanced and thumbnails are displayed for various kinds of files.

Modifications in CRM Software

In the modified CRM, there are different activation levels for the archive partner. With the help of Odoo 16 new features, you can see all the leads you've assigned and how they are performing.You can install new languages in the Odoo 16 version CRM software. The improved Marketing Module allows companies that use Odoo to create unique email templates based on their business needs.

Modification in Employees Data

In Odoo 16 version, on the Departments form view, a new smart button shows the number of employees. You can also access the user's e-learning profile with the help of an added smart button.The Employees view now includes filters for "My Team" and "My Department" in addition to a "Managers" search option. Odoo 16 downloads the reports of the employee’s skills.

Improved Accounting Software

The accounting module has been enhanced with the addition of numerous new tools and advanced features. Invoice administration and processes have been totally digitized in Odoo 16 release notes. Companies that use the Odoo version 16 now can assign the same bank account number to different partners. Improved SEPA rejection management method. New Widgets are being developed for the negotiating process to make it more user-friendly.

Improved Live Chats

The Odoo 16 Website module gives you more control and customization choices over the website construction aspects.Now, chatbots can be used to greet and direct website visitors. You can also show a notification alongside the Live Chat button.

Introduction of Knowledge Application

Odoo 16 version introducing knowledge application – most requested application from customers all over the world. It enables users to manage company knowledge with a dedicated app.You can also share articles with others who aren't Odoo users by simply sending them a link. Chatter capability will facilitate collaboration and centralize your company.

Odoo Pricing Plans

Odoo version 16 offers consumers seamless and flexible Odoo price packs on a monthly and annual basis. One app, standard and custom plans are now available with smooth pricing packs for usage around the world. All of our Odoo pricing plans include limitless support, hosting, and administration with no hidden fees and no restrictions on features or data. In standard and custom free you can enjoy all apps in a single fee.

Now you can take advantage of Odoo’s real, smooth & true tranparency than ever before!

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