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Improve your team’s communication

All modules are integrated with private and group chats.

Engage in conversation with colleagues

An Exceptional tool to communicate

Drive conversations between all heads and colleagues of your organization. Get an outline of the points being talked about and all the new messages in the module’s news feed.

Chat live from anywhere

Keep discussions open in different modules.

Get your conversations in a chat bubble to keep discussing when using other Odoo modules.

Create channels & private groups

Start a conversation with public channels to let other colleagues join the discussion. Make private chats to invite just a specific group of individuals.

Send notifications

Customize your notification’s sending method to limit mailbox pollution while ensuring relevant messages get through it. Select who gets what message and when.

Integrated with all modules

Monitor all activities inside one window.

Pick how you need your notifications to be taken care of, add followers to assignments, plan activities, send notifications and messages, and discuss, all from one single screen. See what the team is up to and how rapidly they can react to messages by checking their status and stay in touch with them and associates all through the apps.

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