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Odoo open source helpdesk system

Futuristic user interface

Organize, track, and solve client tickets.

Organize your master tickets easily with the visually appealing Kanban view in the Odoo open source helpdesk system. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly see what tasks are left for your team and track the progress of each ticket according to your customized SLA rules.

Multi-channel application

Connect with your clients wherever they are with Odoo open source helpdesk system.


Use Email process automation services to automatically create tickets for your incoming emails.

Website Form

Use your customizable website critique form to help your customers with queries.

Live Chat

Utilize the Odoo live chat module on your site to immediately engage visitors.

Optimized discipline and productivity

Automation, SLAs, Canned Responses, and Templates.

Odoo open source helpdesk system improves business efficiency of your team:

  • Make your SLA rules and let Odoo open source helpdesk system make a move by itself.
  • Utilize process automation services to automate actions or emails at various phases of the ticket goal.
  • Create dynamic email layouts to robotize the most common responses.
  • Forward master tickets to your manager instantly.
  • Welcome specialists into a live conversation.
  • Utilize canned responses in live chat for immediate answers.

Sell Support contracts With Odoo open source helpdesk system

Sell, renew, and upsell without any problem.

Use helpdesk automation features to give automated global helpdesk services to your client by signing support agreements. Track time on each agreement with the Odoo timesheet application, and upsell automatically with time-restricted agreements. Make reminders for your sales or global helpdesk group dependent on your client status.

Provide independent and self sufficient Services

Built-in client database

Build up your independent and self sufficient platform by connecting your FAQs, training recordings, and introductions on a ticket. Build up a network around your item with the discussion.

Allow customers to close their master tickets at work

Grant Autonomy. improves business efficiency.

Minimize mistake chances, avoid confusion, and allow global helpdesk teams to stress over what genuinely needs their consideration.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps


Live chat

Connect with your website visitors to draw in leads and sales.
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Communicate with your team. Post inquiries, find solutions.
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Monitor all interactions with your clients and opportunities and improve your business cycle.
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Website builder

Create an interactive enterprise website that is completely customizable and SEO friendly.
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