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Digital Product Lifecycle Management

for modern companies

Use quick communication methods, to keep track of engineering changes.

Maintain active communication and retain efficient engineering change management. You can use Odoo’s digital product lifecycle management system, which is built on top of an enterprise’s extensive network, to provide active communication across different teams and departments. Administrators can grant access to specific users or group of businesses so they can keep a closer eye on ongoing tasks and engage in real-time quality documentation.

Integrated Document Management

For better performance, quality documentation and business finance worksheets.

Trigger alerts on worksheets or integrated control panels and pass information to manufacturing.
Directly attach quality documentation to odoo bill of materials (BoMs), routings, or anywhere else in real time.
Multiple versions of your quality documentation can be managed easily with the powerful and easy-to-use Odoo's digital product lifecycle management module.

Smart versioning

with better performance and merge.

Not to bother about combining the Ebom proposal (Engineering bill of materials) and the Mbom proposal (Manufacturing bill of materials). Because all of your departments will be working on the same centralized document repository, tracking changes between versions will be simple with Odoo’s digital product lifecycle management module.
It’s easier to handle several modifications at once if you can work on multiple versions of the same BoM in parallel and then apply only the differences.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps



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