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Open-Source Event Management Software.

Let's explore Odoo event management software features.

open source event management software

Efficiently plan your event with us

You may handle and plan your event with us of any size or scope

Odoo’s open-source event management software covers all aspects of an event planner’s job, from planning events and selling tickets to making sure people know about them and promoting them.







Let Odoo's open-source event management software organize schedules and speakers.

Event management software features make content administration simple

Add a presenter proposal form to your event website so that attendees can suggest talks and speakers through ERP software for event management. Event validation and scheduling may be done in minutes with open-source event management software.

open source event management software

Odoo lets you display your event’s agenda on your website with simple and elegant designs. Give your visitors the ability to search and navigate through your published event schedule with ease, as well as the ability to rapidly filter by date, place, tags, and speakers.

open source event management software

Sell tickets online with Odoo's open-source event management software

Using Odoo’s event management software features, you can automate the registration and payment processes.

Manage event registration and online ticket sales using open-source event management software from Odoo. Choose between publishing a free event or requiring people to purchase tickets via critical event management software. Choose between online credit card processing and billing the customer. Define specific conditions such as Early-bird pricing, member bonuses, benefits, and ticket levels. Everything required to increase event attendance and manage guest lists is  within Odoo’s ERP software for event management.

open source event management software




Get sponsors to come to you

With Odoo's event management software features, you can sell event sponsorships and promote your partners

Odoo makes it easy to coordinate with both new and returning sponsors. Add sponsors to your events and list them at the bottom of each page by the sponsorship level they purchased. With Odoo eCommerce, you can sell sponsorship packages on the Internet.

open source event management software

Total advertising tools

Odoo's event management software features help you promote events across all platforms.

With Odoo’s critical event management platform, you can segment your audience and leverage social media and email marketing to advertise your events to the appropriate audience. Set up automated email campaigns or send SMS text messages to all attendees or select registrant categories or segments with customized content. Using Odoo’s open-source event management software, you can optimize conversions using ad-hoc landing pages for your various marketing campaigns

Google Analytics Integration

Odoo's ERP software for event management allows you to track your event's analytics at every stage. .
Odoo's Google Analytics interface is instantly configured to track every type of event via online shopping cart and checkout, call-to-actions, etc. Odoo integrates each of its marketing tools with Google Analytics to give you a 360-degree view of your business.

SEO Integration

Get more people to your event by promoting it widely with the help of Odoo
Odoo comes with SEO tools that are ready to use and don't need to be set up. You may strategically build your material and advertise your events by using keyword suggestions based on Google's most-searched terms.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps


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