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Odoo Marketing ERP Automation Software

Put your business in self-driving mode.

Create Automatic & Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Improve efficiency and expand your business reach using Odoo's erp automation software

Odoo ERP automation software can segment your customer database in order to give the correct information to the correct person at the right time. Set up prospect-centered advance marketing procedures and develop them productively through your sales funnel, all day.

Craft Sophisticated End-To-End Customer Journeys

With Odoo content automation software, you may adjust your work processes utilizing a visual user interface.

With Odoo ERP automation software, it’s easy to make a campaign with more than two steps and multiple ways. Add new activities and set time triggers directly on your work process.

Create a fully active email campaign in minutes

Odoo content automation software Improves your knowledge of your Email's content and layout using intuitive software and a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Use predefined templates to produce clean passages, calls to action, or pictures all within the app

Using Odoo ERP Automation Software, automate much more than just emails.

Trigger any activity you require to smooth out your work process.

Odoo ERP automation software allows you to automate processes like the organic lead generation in your sales funnel, assigning your sales force to the engaged prospects, record updating, etc. to provide a seamless experience for your customers.

By using Odoo user-friendly app Make use of if/then statements to carry out specific procedures depending on whether or not an email has been clicked, opened, or answered.

An Efficient Organic Lead Generation Software

• organic lead generation

Generate more leads with Odoo ERP automation software, Email Marketing, Odoo Events, and the Odoo website

• Lead Qualification Services

Inside Odoo CRM, score your leads dependent on behavioral criteria and demographics and allocate the crucial ones to your sales team.

Lead Nurturing

With Odoo ERP automation software, segment your weak leads based on their goals and interests, and then attract them with relevant lead-nurturing campaigns.
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