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Odoo SMS Marketing

A highly effective SMS marketing tool

Immediately deliver your campaigns to your customers’ pockets.
odoo sms marketing text message

SMSs are faster and have a higher open rate than emails.

Do you need to notify your guests about your upcoming event? Do you have a five-hour flash sale going on right now? Decide to set up an SMS campaign! Use the Odoo SMS app to remind your customers about it.

Even the best email campaigns can go unread in many inboxes for a long time. On the other hand, SMSs arrive directly in your contacts’ pockets, nearly guaranteeing that they will be opened and read within minutes.

Setup your campaigns and leave the rest to Odoo.

Schedule your SMS marketing Odoo campaigns at a specific time.

Odoo SMS marketing can make things simpler for you. Prepare all of your SMS messages ahead of time and schedule them to go out at a later time. Odoo handles the sending part for you, so you don’t need to be online for your campaign to go global!

As low as 0.01€ per SMS

You’ll appreciate the budgeting part of SMS Campaign management. Sending an SMS to the United States costs 0.0108 odoo sms credit. These credits can be purchased straight through the app.

We take care of the technical details so you don't have to.

To keep the size of your SMSs reduced, we shrink URLs for you. But that’s not all: link trackers are included by default, allowing you to follow click rates and income earned by your SMS campaign. #integration mobile –? ok

odoo sms marketing xmas promo

Easily segment the recipients of your messages.

Target the appropriate audience based on previous orders, abandoned carts, list subscriptions, event participation, personally selected contacts, and so on.

Directly from your contact list, send SMSs.

A high open rate is useful for more than just marketing campaigns. For example, you may want to reach out to all of your employees at the same time, as quickly as feasible. Simply open the Odoo contacts app, choose your contacts from the list, and send an SMS to them. It’s that simple.
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