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Connect with your community using Odoo's forum app.

Stackoverflow & Quora alternative.

Odoo forum app to address customer needs

What can you do with the Forum App of Odoo?

Increase website traffic

Increase website traffic allow search engines to access your indexed discussions through the odoo forum app.

The Odoo forum app helps you to get daily updates on new content created by your community to boost your SEO. Search engines like Google and others encourage websites to provide original content frequently.

Foresee your customer's needs

Get advantage of trending topics with the help of the Odoo forum app.

By keeping track of the most popular topics, seen, and shared, you can address customer's needs and desires.. The Odoo forum app has a complete forum and Google analytics connectivity so you can monitor your website’s engagement and captivate your audience coming from outside of your website..

Odoo forum app aan create a documented library of your own

Utilize outstanding responses from your community.

Odoo is a user-friendly program with a "Promote to documentation" option that allows you to easily transform the best answers into documentation.

Give your visitors the correct information

Encourage discussion and generate insights.

Create the impression that your website is a trustworthy source of the correct information and solve visitors’ problems by giving them the information they require. The Odoo forum app is a user-friendly software that is easy to operate with. Make sure that everyone has access to the material given in conversations so they can become experts in particular sector.

Odoo forum app to address customer needs

Improve customer satisfaction

Reduce your workload by improving your product support.

Address customer needs and reduce the need for a helpline or FAQ section by allowing your customers to ask questions and find answers in a matter of seconds, rather than wasting time and money on the phone.

Engage and captivate your audience and keep your content up to date.

Use trigger motivation to reward the most active members.

The Odoo forum app is an audience engagement platform that helps you to get more customer engagement 

Give badges to the most active members for their questions, answers, likes, shares, and votes. Allow them to use more features by implementing a moderation system based on karma points.

Odoo forum app to address customer needs

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps


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