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Track time, Predict efficiency

Complete things as quickly as you might think.

Any device, anywhere even offline

An automatic performance management solution, odoo timesheet delivers the same functionality as you.

If you want to fast track performance and run a small business, manage campaign performance tracking, or work as a freelancer from multiple locations, you need tools that are as mobile as you are. Sign in and check your time anywhere, on any device. Via remote machine monitoring.

It supports your workflow

Task Management, time-following, and weekly timesheets.

Track performance

For professionals who need an automated performance management system to keep detailed records of their work – You can start the timer with one click from your desktop. Simply select the task you wish to do and switch it on.

Every minute counts

For experts who need an automated performance management system  to keep detailed records of their work: Start the timer with one click from your desktop. Just choose what you want to do and turn it on.

It’s quick

Every second counts when you need fast track performance every day. Odoo Timesheet works at the same speed as you do.

It works offline

Even if you can’t connect to the internet, Odoo Timesheet will still work. Start your timesheet as usual, and when you get back online, the data will be updated on its real-time analytics dashboard  It’s that easy.

Manage your Activities and workforce

From the backend of Odoo, you can keep your projects under control and monitor employee time. So your business can stay on the performance track.

Track your team's advancement

Monitor the development of each task or project with your team. Campaign performance tracking has never been so simple, both effective and fast track performance.

Keep your project productive

Find out how much of your time is chargeable. Keep track of every resource used on your project and monitor your real time metrics.

Invoice timesheets to customers

Create one-time or recurring invoices dependent on costs and timesheet entries automatically.

Forecast needs and resources

Fast track performance & employees' availability

Planning your teams’ work across projects while taking into account employees’ vacation days. Forecasts based on similar campaign performance track records might help you better predict timelines and plan ahead for new projects. For greater profitability, compare real timesheets with predictions.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps



Interface timesheets with finance for exact and on-time installments.
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Human resources

Check and oversee the team's participation and worked hours.
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Mechanize invoicing and billing dependent on timesheet inputs.
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Monitor the time spent on projects, customers, or assignments.
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