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Amplify your warehouse effectiveness.

Better organize your warehouse with the smart digital inventory management system

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Odoo digital inventory management system

Improve performance and process time

Better compose your stockroom with the savvy twofold inventory system.

With the innovative automated storage solution, your warehouse will be better organized.

Get the most effective digital inventory tracking strategy, and enhance all internal processes. There are no stock input, output, or transformations in Odoo’s digital inventory management system. Instead, all activities consisting of moving stock between locations.

odoo digital inventory management system

Less stock, no out-of-stocks

With the help of this automated warehouse storage systems.

Make your supply chain more effective by adapting the automated supply chain management solution with the help of automated RFQs.

Advanced features made simple

Use the best automated warehouse storage systems and advanced routes to manage any warehouse.


Cross Docking

Multi Warehouse

Experience total traceability

With Odoo’s advance inventory management software, you can keep track of every stock movement by creating a digital supply chain ecosystem framework.

Digital inventory tracking helps you Keep track of each stock transaction, from purchase to storage bin to sales order. Track serials or lots upstream or downstream from any point in your supply chain ecosystem.


Clear and complete reporting

Odoo’s digital inventory management system
provides you real time metrics

With real-time dynamic reports that you can store and share with anyone, you can decide more wisely. Utilize personalized dashboards to keep important information close at hand. This makes this digital inventory management system a complete automated warehouse storage systems for your business.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps



Update your stock levels and predict amounts dependent on quotation and sales orders.
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Mechanize RFQS and POS dependent on least stock or sales orders and monitor approaching shipments.
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In odoo inventory, you don’t have to enter a ton of data every time. Odoo inventory is completely coordinated with odoo accounting, so stock developments are monitored in your books continuously.
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