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Odoo Cloud Based Document Management App

Save wasted hours filing receipts, scanning contracts, and approving paperwork by switching to the paperless option provided by Odoo agile document management software.
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DMS Reinvented

Using odoo document management app will help you go paperless.

Odoo is a cloud based document management app that makes it simple to send, save, organize, and distribute scanned documents. Business documents including invoices to suppliers, to-do lists, and product sheets can be generated as well.

Document workflow automation app streamlines workflow.

Odoo cloud based document management app offers a completely integrated approval, control, and validation process with activities, buzz, and action rules.

Email Gateway with Odoo Agile Document Management App

The Odoo document management app automates invoice generation from scanned documents or emails received through the email gateway.

Collaborate With Your Team And Clients

Using the Odoo cloud based document management app, you can send documents to your coworkers, customers, or vendors. Share public folders and let clients import files.

Odoo Document Management App Makes Signing Easy.

Print and scan signature-required documents. Instead, assign them to the right person, get them e-signed, and send them back through Odoo cloud based document management app.

Process Documents In Batch

Odoo is an agile document management system that allows you to perform tasks in quantity, such as asking for approvals, reorganizing folders, adding tags, and assigning many files at once.

Integrated With Odoo Apps

Sharing documents with other Odoo apps becomes effortless with Odoo. You can easily keep track of different iterations of plans and worksheets. The AI in Accounting feature allows you to swiftly generate invoices for your suppliers. Moreover, with the Odoo document workflow automation app, you can automatically generate tasks based on specific documents.
Odoo cloud-based document management

Odoo Document Process Automation Can Save Your Time.

Estimate the number of manual document-related duties that you or your employees perform each month using the interactive calculator provided below.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps



Oversee engineering customizations and versions without any problem.
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Save time and e-sign your documents.
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Transform quotes into professional invoices in a single click.
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and oversee each progression of the project.
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