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The Best Business Management Software

Odoo is an all-in-one business process management software. Whether it is about your inventory or accounting, Odoo apps will cater to your company’s needs in various ways!

Not only can you make better conclusions related to your business, but you can also market your company to flourish. These apps are developed in a way that can make complicated business practices simpler.

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Odoo - Business management software

How Odoo Works

Odoo is the best solution for all your business requirements. With a user-friendly interface that’s as easy to navigate as your favorite website, Odoo is something you can get used to quickly. The software will not only free up resources for other projects – it will save time with its intuitive interface that automates repetitive and tedious tasks like data entry. Odoo is the best business management software on which you can rely to do your everyday tasks. To stay connected with your businesses in real time, install Odoo mobile app for android and ios and keep the track of all your business actions.

Odoo Erp

Best Business Process Management Software with All the Functionalities.

With this business management software, you can get a complete overview of your business on the go and automate processes through pre-built templates and applications. To keep all your business processes on a single screen and app, Odoo ERP is the best option.

Odoo Modules

An Introduction to the Odoo Modules

This business software has more than 35 modules. These modules are highly integrable and customizable. Odoo ERP customization can lead businesses to keep an eye on their activities the way they want. You can contact the implementers of this ERP system to make changes and deliver what you require. Let's dig into the most demanded Odoo modules!

Customer Relationship Management – CRM App

Manage your sales team and its activities with the CRM module. This module allows you to:

Odoo CRM app is a great tool that can help improve marketing, sales, and customer service. This business process management software allows you to manage leads, opportunities, and activities. You can also use it to implement a sales pipeline to help keep track of tasks and create reports. CRM app is highly customizable and easy to integrate into any business’s existing system.

Odoo CRM
Odoo Inventory

Inventory Management

Odoo ERP is a cloud-based inventory management software to help you run your business better and get more out of it. With Inventory app , firms can easily manage their stock by keeping track of everything from current stock levels, production costs, and product availability. The module allows inventory management for multiple warehouses and is the perfect tool for companies who have recurring orders or ship products in bulk. With this module, businesses can ensure product availability at all times, reducing the number of lost sales due to lack of inventory. It has a proper warehouse management system software for both small businesses and industries.

Accounting and Invoice Management

Odoo Accounting makes it easy for businesses to manage their finances. This module includes invoicing features that allow businesses to save time by automating billing functions. It is an online accounting solution that lets you manage your finances from anywhere, anytime. With this ERP system, you can update your books, send invoices, and process payments - all in real-time.

This cloud-based solution is much more cost-effective than traditional accounting software. And with its wide range of features and integrations, you can customize the system to fit your needs perfectly. It can be claimed that Odoo is the best accounting software one can look for.

Odoo Accounting
Odoo Point of Sales

Point of Sale System

Odoo Point of Sale is a web-based point-of-sale system that offers intuitive and feature-rich functionality for retail management. POS has a wide range of customization options to help you get the system tailored specifically to your business needs and preferences. You can change the design UI preferences or even add features with plugins.

odoo modules

The Other modules

This business software has multiple other modules too. These modules help maintain all the business functionalities. Project Management, Website Builder, Expenses, and time off are also some of the numerous apps that are offered by Odoo. All these modules aid the firms in being aware of their business procedures.

odoo Partner AnaConEx Solutions

AnaConEx Solutions - Odoo

AnaConEx Solutions is the leading Odoo Partner and offers a suite of Business Management Software Solutions for all businesses - from small-scale to large enterprise organizations.

Being an Odoo Gold Partner, we provide customized solutions backed by the best-certified experts with more than fifteen years of experience in this domain. Whether you need solutions regarding your Inventory, Accounting, Point of Sale, or CRM we are here to provide you with services. Book your FREE Odoo consultation now!

Odoo applications Pricing

Odoo Pricing

When the discussion is about Odoo pricing then it is important to note that the pricing for the Odoo Community version differs from the Enterprise version. The price varies from customer to customer. The pricing basically relies on the number of modules and users you choose. The service providers can assist you with the pricing only after they are done with the requirement gathering. They can add up the implementation cost and licensing cost to give you appropriate pricing for your system. Contact us to get a quote

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