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Odoo’s ERP project management software.

Stunning. Simple. Open-source

Odoo's ERP project management software

modern interface

What you need, the way you like it


Odoo's ai project management software gives you a clean and efficient overview of your projects.


Assign the necessary time to each task during a planned shift.


The calendar view in Odoo's project performance management software is straightforward and useful for keeping track of deadlines.


Odoo’s ERP project management software has a clear calendar view that lets you keep track of deadlines.

Forecast needs and resources

project performance management & employee availability

Odoo’s ai project management software lets you schedule teams around vacations. Plan for upcoming projects by making predictions based on similar projects and making more accurate time estimates. Odoo’s project performance management software lets you compare forecasts and timesheets to boost profits.

Odoo's ERP project management software
Odoo's ERP project management software

Odoo's ERP project management software harnesses visual information.

Flexible project management software that makes the process simple.

Simplify your processes and boost employee communication with Odoo

Break down your project into bite-sized tasks and allocate them to your team for enhanced collaboration.

Create customized phases for each project to simplify your workflow overview and boost overall project efficiency with Odoo’s project performance management software

Discuss tasks Share documents

With Odoo’s ERP Project management software, you can add comments and files to each task and stay connected with your team. Regular status meetings are unnecessary when using Odoo’s ai project management software.Communicate through the chatter, write on a shared real-time pad, and engage in live chat – all from a single interface!

Odoo's ERP project management software

Conceptual project scope in an easy-to-read overview

Odoo's ERP project management software has a dynamic graph view for every task.

Odoo’s flexible project management software allows you to create graph views to examine your data, as well as use a powerful search engine, filter, and grouping capabilities through a number of different visual interfaces to track and maintain your projects at any level.


erp project management software

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps



Automatically Create Project Tasks From Sales Orders.
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Easily sign your contracts via odoo eSignature.
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Make corporate invoices from your sales quotations.
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Mass Mailing

Odoo also allows you to send and receive emails from clients, leads, and opportunities.
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