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Odoo Agile Quality Management App.

For modern manufacturers.

Quality Control Points Using Odoo Cloud-Based Quality Management App.

With Odoo agile quality management App, you have the flexibility to configure quality checks at critical points in your supply chain, including receiving, shipping, and final inspection stages.

Easily implement in-process, final, and receiving inspections with Odoo’s customer quality management software. Enhance readability by specifying quality control strategies that trigger checks at different stages of the process.

Manage PPAP submissions with Odoo cloud-based quality management system. Optimize processes with SPC settings and include PFMEA documentation for comprehensive quality control.

Odoo Agile Quality Management Software

Monitor And Control The Quality Of Alerts

With Odoo agile quality management app.

Odoo is a powerful quality management app that simplifies tracking quality alerts. Utilize visual indicators to focus on critical alarms and easily report progress with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Utilize tags to categorize quality alerts and automate actions for efficient implementation of a quality management system. Categorize by the addressee (design, supplier, process), the requestor (customer, main line, subline), and more.

Fully Integrated

With inventory and manufacturing operations

Odoo agile quality management app warnings and inspections improve production and stock management.
Implementation of a quality management system enables workers to trigger alerts from the work center or inventory,
Deliver the products to the quality zones that are dedicated solely to quality control and quality assurance.

Total Productivity with Odoo Agile Quality Management App.

To improve quality

Odoo customer quality management software lets manufacturers set quality warnings from  their work center control panel. The right persons receive updated requests immediately. Communication improves team efficiency and reduces manufacturing downtime.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps



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