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Odoo Open Source Email Campaign Software

Choose from a variety of email templates to create your message.

Create active email campaign

Start from scratch or choose from one of our pre-made themes.

With Odoo’s email custom erp software you can develop email messages that resonate with your opportunities with minimal IT knowledge.

open source email campaign software

You’re not interested in creating your own newsletters? It’s no problem! With the open source email campaign software from Odoo custom erp software.

Choose one of our numerous templates, modify the layout, add your correct information and images, and your new campaign is ready to go!

open source email campaign software

With Odoo’s Email custom erp software Simply choose your construction components and drag them to the desired location on the active email campaign. Add a headline, call-to-action, social media links, and footer to your content with a single click.

With Odoo's email open source email campaign software Create segments in your database.

Through Odoo's active email campaign Increase the percentage of recipients that open and click your emails.

Send your campaigns to particular groups within your database in order to increase conversions. Collect organic lead generation which provide correct information to clients or any other group from your contacts list by country, date, function, and more to ensure that only the individuals you want to hear about your campaign do so.

open source email campaign software
open source email campaign software

Odoo's email custom erp software is available for usage on any device.

Odoo’s open source email campaign software  can Make sure your email newsletter is easy to read and can be seen on any screen, whether it’s a cell phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. Our dynamic content adjusts to the size of the screens of your subscribers by spreading out and simplifying images, so they can be seen clearly on any device.

Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns with Odoo's open source email campaign software

Use Odoo’s open source email campaign software. To send more effective emails, utilize data and analytics. Optimize your email campaign using the Odoo active email campaign application and watch your revenue growth.  Email marketing with Odoo will help you to increase in profit and  increase your sales.

odoo email marketing Mass Mail Summary report

From Odoo’s open source email campaign software Obtain current and correct information for each sent email. To optimize your overall marketing plan, track the number of leads generated, income generated, orders, bounce rate, open rate, and campaign monitor click-through rate. With active email campaign software from odoo Keep track of the opportunities you’ve generated and the revenue you expect.

Advance Features

You have complete control over your emails.

open source email campaign software

Keep track of your hyperlinks.

Using Odoo active email campaign, you can attach a tracking code as a link in your emails and monitor the campaign’s performance in detail on a dedicated dashboard.

odoo email marketing bar graph

Calculate your Return on Investment (ROI)

Odoo CRM can track prospects, measure lead conversion rates, anticipate revenue, and identify the campaigns that generated money. With Odoo’s open source email campaign software  Filters can be used to conduct a more in-depth investigation from top to bottom.

Fully integrated with Odoo’s email custom erp software.

Email integration is feasible when odoo’s open source email campaign software is configured on your platform. Through Odoo email settings, it is now simpler than ever to keep in touch with your customers. Odoo’s  open source email campaign software offers an active email campaign management capabilities that you may use to promote your services.



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