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Odoo Employee Leave Tracker App

Manage employee sick leave & vacations

Manage Employee Leave.

Track employee leave and vacations with Odoo employee vacation software.

Maintain a record of each employee sick leave or holidays.Employees enter their requests, and managers validate and approve them with a few mouse clicks. Accordingly, each employee’s agenda is revised.

Managers can see all of their team’s leaves at once, which helps keep the team well-organized and makes it easy to plan how tasks will be split up while team members are away.

Odoo employee sick leave software
Odoo employee sick leave software

Approve or refuse employee sick leave requests.

Odoo employee leave management system handles all requests from employees.

Use Odoo employee software to let workers log their requests and receive email updates on their status. Decide whether to approve or deny the requests and add a note to your denial to explain to the employee 

Implement upcoming plan with reports

Simple employee vacation software

Odoo employee leave tracker app makes it easy to generate detailed reports on all leave requests, broken down by individual employees, departments, or the entire company with a single click. Receive data on employee sick leave and plan for the future in order to maintain the highest level of productivity.

Odoo employee sick leave software
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