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Develop and Share Your Business Growth Blogs.

Elegant Open Source Collaborative Blog Platform

Collaborative Blog Platform
Collaborative Blog Platform

Make Automotive Marketing Strategies for your Corporate Blog

Focus On Creative Content Production, let us handle the back-end load

The core of Creative Content Production is a Relaxed mind, easily start writing, and leave the back-end load to us. Odoo open-source collaborative blog platform provides an easy-to-use drag & drop editor that will create a Corporate blog with an eye-catching graphic design that is not just attractive but also mobile-friendly.

Engage and keep your audience on all platforms.

Easily share your business growth blogs with others.

Annotate paragraphs and Comment at the end of a blog post.
Optimize your digital content production process with Odoo open source collaborative blog platforms' blog post planner and easily share Corporate blogs on your social media platforms

Compose easily readable business growth blogs on any device

A responsive platform to stay close to your audience.

Odoo open source collaborative blog platform allows you to access your favourite Corporate blog posts from anywhere at any time. Because it is embedded on the Odoo website, your blog functions flawlessly on mobile, tablets, and desktop computers.

Collaborative Blog Platform

Create a Simple Modern Website With All the Features You Need.

Put a stylish designer's touch to it.

Use Odoo Open source collaborative blog platform Pick one from our great-looking saas website templates, customize it, add content and you are simply ready to go live!

story sharing platform

Get international leads With a clever call-to-action pop-up, you can convert site visitors into subscribers.

Simply get international leads by asking your readers’ email addresses using a clever call-to-action, such as a pop-up asking them to subscribe to your newsletter, which appears as they are about to leave the page.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps


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Design efficient emails campaigns send, convert and track your success.
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Engage directly with your website visitors to attract leads and boost online sales.
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Create sleek and attractive event pages. Sell online and organize on site.
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