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Odoo eCommerce Automation Software

Open-source. easy-to-use. mobile friendly app.

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Odoo Ecommerce Automation Software

Sell anything with Odoo ecommerce ERP software.

Odoo eCommerce automation software is suitable for any organization. There are hundreds of pre-implemented features available. It’s not necessary to buy a lot of plugins anymore.

Set-up Variants and Attributes

Use the odoo eCommerce app to set different prices for different product configurations, such as color or size.

B2B Store & Multiwebsites

Odoo eCommerce Automation Software allows you to restrict access to the store to authorized users and to display multiple pricing tiers through the use of price lists.

Automated Tax Rates

With Odoo eCommerce ERP software, your sales taxes are automatically levied based on the type of customer and their country of residency.

Odoo ecommerce ERP software requires no developer.

Drag & Drop editor

There is a wide variety of functionalities available within the Odoo e-commerce automation platform. Create stunning layouts simply by dragging and dropping them. The process of creating a website has never been easier.


Design your store in 4 easy steps

Build your online shop in 4 simple steps with the help of the Odoo open source B2B ecommerce platform. The AI website configurator can help you set up shop online in just 4 simple actions. Based on your field of work, Odoo will supply you with royalty-free stock photos.


Professional Themes

The Odoo ecommerce ERP software includes industry-specific, aesthetically pleasing native themes. You can also use a theme from our themes store or make your own.

Odoo Ecommerce Automation Software
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Odoo e-commerce automation software reach the right audience

Odoo Ecommerce Automation Software

SEO Optimised & Mobile Friendly app
Make use of integrated tools to help you rank high in search engines. Odoo eCommerce ERP software will automatically adjust your website to mobile devices.

Comprehensive Dashboard
With an all-in-one eCommerce solution, you can use the built-in dashboard to see your best sales and get advanced statistics on your eCommerce.

Several Websites
Multiple stores can be configured on the same database.

Use the integrated tracking tool or connect your Google Analytics account to better understand your visitors’ behaviour and increase conversion rates with Odoo eCommerce Automation Software.


Integrated payment method
Let your customers pay with any online payment Portal.


Fully Integrated Shipping
Odoo provides integration with key shipping carriers so you can track your packages directly from your website and speed up order fulfillment.

Omnichannel Approach

You may link your online store to other sales channels, like your POS or your CRM, with the help of the various odoo eCommerce apps.

Odoo Ecommerce ERP software

Give the Designer Touch

Pre-designed, ready to use themes.

Simply be the designer with Odoo pre-designed theme for website pages. Customize pages according to your company’s unique style in few clicks.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps


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