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Odoo Expense Management Automation Software

Easy Employee Expense Management Solution

Odoo ERP Expenses Software Saves Time

Everything in one place.

Using expense management automation software has made it simpler than ever to control your employees’ daily expenses. Access all receipts and cost submissions from your expenses dashboard and create, validate, or reject them with a single click, regardless of whether they relate to travel expenses, office supplies, retail expenses, or any other employee spend. To keep track of expenses, there’s no need to download any additional software—just use the cloud expense management app provided by Odoo!

Expense Management Automation Software
Expense Management Automation Software

Stop losing receipts

Through Odoo's Expense Management Automation Software, upload all receipts directly into the expense record.

Workers may quickly attach copies of their receipts straight to an expense record using Odoo cloud expense management software to avoid losing them. Take a picture of the receipt and email it to a chosen email address to add attachments on the go with any mobile device. Keep a clean and complete record of all expenses to save time and boost efficiency with the help of Odoo employee expense management software.

Odoo expense management automation per team

With Odoo employee expense management Software, you can get a detailed picture of a team's expenses

As a manager, you can simply track expense records across the entire team to keep an eye on costs and ensure they stay on track and within budget using Odoo B2B expenses management software.

Expense Management Automation Software

Share the workload between departments

Use Odoo cloud expense management software to get everyone involved in order to save time


Through expense management automation software, you may draught expenses, add notes, and submit receipts to the expense record


Validate or refuse expenses in a click. Add comments, edit records, or request additional information.


Utilizing Odoo cloud expense management software, you can record corporate and employee expenses, enter them into the books, and process payments and invoices

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps



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