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Boost Recruitment with Enterprise Referral Program

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Odoo enterprise referral program

Odoo referral program shares employment openings.

Recommend your friends using the Odoo referral system

Find out everything you need to know about every available position through the Odoo enterprise referral program.
Odoo referral management system helps you find the perfect one for your friends and share it via email or social media.

Monitor your ongoing referrals with the Odoo enterprise referral program.

All of your referrals will be in one place with the Odoo referral program.

Track your friend’s perfect recruitment process and see how many points you’ve earned for each referral with the help of the Odoo referral program

Odoo enterprise referral program
Odoo enterprise referral program

Personalize your team

With great power comes great responsibility

Everyone needs help, especially when fighting bad guys. Choose an image for each friend you recruit and use it as their representation on your superhero squad. Put your team’s strengths on display with the help of the Odoo enterprise referral program.

Get rewarded

Hard work paid off

Collect points

Every time your friend progresses in the recruitment process, you earn a point.

Level up

Level up and get your avatar’s new items.

Exchange points

Exchange points to get awesome gifts in the shop.
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