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Odoo Social Marketing App

Manage your social media, web push notifications, and live chats all accounts in one place.

Plan, monitor, and analyze your social media all accounts in one place.

Keep On Finding And Get High Quality Leads Through Odoo Social Marketing App.

Being involved in social media boosts your brand, makes you feel more connected to your consumers and helps in financial lead generation. It also empowers customer service and the distribution of critical company information and messages.

Odoo Social Marketing
Odoo Social Marketing

Get More High-Quality Leads From Anywhere On The Internet.

Time sensitive messages

In Odoo social marketing app when a user receives a push notification, his or her attention is immediately drawn to it. The brief and simple messages allow users to read them with a glance and click on them if they trigger their attention.

Odoo Live chat Support

Convert Visitors Into Leads, And Clients Into Loyal Customers.

Start a conversation on your own initiative.

According to studies, live chats might help you convert 40% more high-quality leads. Clients respond well to odoo live chats because they allow for personal engagement. Odoo live chat  allows you to proactively attract high-quality leads, which is an important component that empowers customer experience.

Odoo Social Marketing

Odoo's Fully Integrated Social Media Manager:

Integrate your All Accounts In One Place With Odoo Social Marketing App.

Integrating your brand’s social accounts with Odoo social marketing app will help to grow immensely. Odoo social marketing helps in boosting the sales of your products.

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