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Odoo CRM

Your Ultimate Business Partner

Keep your leads in check, finish your tasks, and expand your business.

Odoo CRM gives accurate projection!

Make profitable business decisions to prosper.

Analyze your business through the Odoo crm module. You can develop and get customized dashboards to observe the business progression with the help of the Odoo crm app.

Make sharp findings through flow charts and other data analytics tools. Such findings can assist you to be aware of the future strategies that you are going to set as targets.

Help yourself to get the most out of your day.

Odoo CRM assists in planning your activities and reminds you of your important calls, emails, meetings, and quotations. Also, you can get all the data in the form of reports. You do not need to set or enter information on this system. You also don’t have to worry about missed calls because the system is set up to do so.

Get The Real-Time Overview of Your Business

Examine your actions and anticipate future results. Explore your performances by getting real-time reviews of the monthly targets you set.

Get the comparative monthly results and organize the work accordingly. Odoo aids you to set objectives and goals based on your activities. Not only can you put your intent in the near future, but you also get aware of the business you are doing. Such monthly targets and results help users to go through a self-check of how they are performing overall.

Stay in connection with your clients!

Communicate with your Customers instantly through Odoo.

Odoo CRM features allow maintaining the relationship with the customers. Not only do you get a quick outline of what’s happening in your group, but you also get an entire list of call logs and quotations sent by the clients.

Create Leads and Opportunities Through Odoo CRM system software

It is essential to create leads through your CRM system. You need to be aware of your potential customers. For this purpose, Odoo CRM features allow the creation of leads through the system.
First, the marketing department targets potential customers by applying multiple marketing strategies. Then this platform helps in nurturing the leads in order to keep the interest of the customers. Once leads are generated, salespeople are there to follow the pipelines and focus on the business opportunities. You can create leads to make things better around. Your business can flourish with a strong consumer base.



Monitor your sales and purchase orders all in one place.
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Easily sign your contracts via odoo e-signature.
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Make corporate invoices from your sales quotations.
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Mass mailing

Odoo also allows you to send and receive emails from clients, leads, and opportunities.
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