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Odoo Real Time Chat Platform

Commitment To Customer Satisfaction Is Essential.

real time chat

Convert Visitors Into Leads

real time chat
real time chat

Filter your audience With Odoo real-time chat platform

Target specified audiences to directly connect with them.

In odoo real time chat platform, You can put a filter on your customer profile database and find audiences by country and language to provide them with better customer care by using the right language and tone.

Get Access From Anywhere

Provide chat support services from within any modules in odoo

Odoo real time chat platform allows you to multitask by keeping conversations with your customers and provide effective customer chat support services even when you are looking for important information in the back end.

customer care
customer care

Upgrade your level of customer care

Prioritize Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Provide quality professional services to the customers by taking feedback from your customers through a rating tool provided in odoo chat support service platform for live chat sessions. Customers have to rate the chat support service after their questions have been catered.

Reply Quickly With Business Reply Mail Templates

Use pre-written replies to respond faster.

By using readymade business reply mail templates, spend less time on frequently asked questions. Customize replies according to the need and add shortcuts.

customer care
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