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Your Appointments made online easily.

Manage meetings online and automate your scheduling process.

Fill up your agenda effortlessly

Don’t worry when you have a self-service system 24/7.

Allow your clients to schedule appointments for themselves as per their convenience directly into your calendar. Let your schedule fill up effortlessly by embedding your meeting links directly to your website, to your email signature, or through social media.

Your clients can choose the person they want to have a meeting with and the meeting type.

They select their preferred meeting time slot based on your availability.

Both parties receive a confirmation email for the event and, it is automatically saved in your calendar.

Fully control your schedule.

Show real-time availability only.
No after-hours or double booking.

Get maximum flexibility by setting your working hours weekly or daily, and by customizing your time slot intervals. Let your agenda synchronize with Google Calendar to block availability concurrently and in real-time when events are created.

Allow rescheduling and reduce no-shows

Avoid frustration and increase staff productivity.

Let your clients don’t forget their appointments by sending them automated reminders through email/SMS and, they can also add the meeting reminders to their calendars for reminding themselves. In case if they cannot make it, they can still reschedule it according to your availability.

Customize your appointment form

Stay well prepared and provide top-notch services.

Configure your input forms and get business insights straight to your mailbox.
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