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Smart interface

customizable pos

Set-up in minutes, sell in seconds.
Compatible with any device.

Compatible with any hardware

The best shop management software from odoo does not require installation or specific hardware.



Desktop computers

Industrial machines

Odoo pos restaurant software

Everything a store requires

The odoo’s best shop management software is based on a user-friendly interface that any retail business may implement with out difficulty. Because of its significant flexibility, the pos odoo app can be configured to match your specific requirements.

Online or offline

The Odoo point-of-sale application is stable even without an internet connection. Establish new stores quickly and without difficulty with just an internet connection. Use your adaptable odoo’s best shop management software anywhere at any time. While an internet connection is required to activate the Point of Sale, the pos odoo app will continue to function even in the absence of an internet connection.

stay connected with your customers.

And engage them through auto loyalty programs

With Odoo's auto loyalty programs, you can offer points, gifts, and discounts to your loyal clients. The entire procedure is quick and may be fully automated. Identifying your clients is facilitated by loyalty cards and barcode customer ids. Customers can be registered in odoo, the best shop management software, so that their purchases can be monitored. Then, with odoo email marketing, you can inform them of upcoming sales and provide them with exclusive discounts. Add your business clients' tax information to your system, and send them invoices right away (or send by email).

Integrated inventory management system

Procurement management with real time quality control and accurate forecasting.Every POS transaction is instantly updated in Odoo Inventory app. Without wasting any time, you may check on the availability of products in real time quality control. Odoo’s best shop management software also works with odoo’s ecommerce. You can be a true multi-channel business without the hassle of maintaining separate stock for the two apps.

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