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Odoo pos restaurant software

Optimize your bar/restaurant with a customizable POS system.

Odoo pos restaurant software

Increase efficiency through a personalized interface design.

Reduce your time at the counter and be available for your customers.

Easily split bills

Kitchen & Bar printing

Handle multiple customers

Products sorting

Get a Full Restaurant Overview at a Glance.

With the floors & tables manager.

The Odoo POS restaurant software allows you to easily view and manage your restaurant by providing an efficient way to navigate between different floors and track orders for each table.

With the Odoo restaurant management app, you can access the floor plan which provides detailed information about the location of your customers, available tables, customers who are still waiting for food, and the remaining space in your restaurant

Fully customizable floor plan

Supports multiple POS

Floor plan entirely optional

Can be configured on a POS basis

Capable of functioning with any type of hardware.

The Odoo POS restaurant software can be used without the need for installation or any particular hardware, making it very accessible and user-friendly.

Odoo pos restaurant software


Odoo pos restaurant software


Odoo pos restaurant software

Desktop Computer

Odoo pos restaurant software

Industrial Machines

Online or Offline

The reliability of Odoo POS restaurant software remains unaffected even when the internet connection is unstable.

Odoo POS restaurant software, being a web-based application, does not need installation and functions online. Although an internet connection is necessary to initiate the point of sale, it will continue to operate even in case of complete disconnection

Odoo pos restaurant software

Integrated Inventory Management

The ability to manage procurements effectively with precise forecasting and real time control.

The Odoo Inventory app integrates transactions from the POS into the stock automatically, allowing for real-time product availability. Additionally, the POS is compatible with Odoo eCommerce, eliminating the need for separate stocks and enabling hassle-free multi-channel business operations.

Odoo pos restaurant software
Odoo pos restaurant software

Maintain Communication With Your Customers.

Retain their loyalty by implementing auto loyalty programs.

Enhance the quality of your services to provide a positive customer experience. This can be achieved by providing loyalty cards and rewards, obtaining real-time information on available tables, sales and cash, keeping client records to communicate with them effectively, and other similar measures

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