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Leaves management for all

Manage employee vacations & absence

Manage employee leaves

Keep track of all your employees' vacations

Easily keep a record of the vacation days taken by each employee. Employees enter their requests for vacation, sick leaves, etc., Managers approve or refuse vacation requests then employees get notified, and their calendar will get updated – all in just a few clicks.

In one complete view, managers can overview their whole team leave, to keep the team well organized and manage the distribution of tasks during the absence of the team member.

Leave approvals and refusals.

Easily approve and refuse your employees' leave requests.

Let your employees self-record their requests for vacations and receive notification by email for every new request. Decide whether to approve or refuse the vacation requests and add a note to every request refusal to justify your decision to your employee.

Get reports to plan ahead

Simple reporting tool

Generate reports for every leave request in a click. Overview leave analysis and forecast your planning accordingly to keep your team productivity to its highest level.

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