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Fleet Management

Hassle-free Management of your vehicles, contracts, costs, insurances, and assignments.

Easy fleet management

No need for a third-party specialized tracking system for your company’s vehicles, with Odoo fleet App you can keep a close eye on your fleet. Manage everything with our easy to use the administrative system – get every necessary feature for the management of your company’s vehicles, like fuel log entries, costs, etc. 

Manage leasing and all other contracts

Overview of all your contracts for the company’s vehicles and get a warning email when contracts are near to the expiration date. A user-friendly interface of Odoo gives multiple visual tools to remind you for renewing or ending your contracts. Communicate with the qualified service providers and manage the services around the vehicle; manage invoices and notes. Define a vehicle policy and insurance policy within your company to efficiently manage your fleet.

Monitor all costs at once

Keep a record of the money spent by your company on each fleet vehicle. At the beginning of each period of leasing and service contracts, the recurring cost for each contract is automatically added to your accounts at the frequency specified in your contracts. All other expenditures such as repair and fuel are automatically added to your reports.

Analysis and reporting

Compute and show all expenditures linked with the given vehicle or with a type of service. By using a reporting tool, you can compare different types of expenditures like which vehicle cost the most, how much it cost for the service of a certain vehicle, and so on. Improve your fleet investment by getting automatic insights about the effective return of each vehicle.


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