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Simply Organize Vendors and Purchase Orders

Enhance Your Supply Chain and Inventory Performance.

Automate your purchasing workflow

Easily send RFQs to your vendors in light of your stock’s availability

Enhance your inventory management and purchase with procurement rules relying upon inventory levels, logistic principles, sales orders, estimate manufacturing orders, and so forth. Select diverse renewal techniques for every item relying upon your assembling and delivery methodologies.

Supplier price lists and product availability

Settle on intelligent purchasing choices at the best costs.

simply import vendors’ price lists and references to settle on more astute purchase choices dependent on quantities, promotions, and contract conditions. Monitor item availability in your supplier’s stock and check your order status from inside the application. You can even put together your business cost concerning your supplier’s costs.

Get the best Offer with purchase tender

Get the best cost by bargaining with sellers.

Dispatch purchase tenders, integrate supplier’s answers all the while, and analyze propositions. Pick the most suitable offer and send purchase orders without any problem. Use reporting to examine the quality of your supplier’s product.

You can likewise utilize Blanket Order Agreement to purchase merchandise from a provider at an arranged cost, on a repetitive premise during a particular timeframe.

Get statistics on your purchases

Examine, forecast, and proficiently plan your requests

Get exact stats on your vendors’ exhibition through adaptable reporting: delivery delays, bargained limits on costs, the amount bought, and so on. Coordinate purchases with diagnostic bookkeeping to examine your contracts’ benefit.

Manage several companies

Save time and efforts efficiently because of Odoo's multi-organization rules.

Save time and efforts efficiently because of Odoo’s multi-organization rules.

Utilize all Odoo occurrence to sync activities between various organizations or distribution centers. Make sales orders, share clients, providers, and items, and oversee invoices for all organizations simultaneously. You can save considerably additional time via mechanizing the invoicing cycle between all the organizations!

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps



Synchronize every transaction with your stocks to keep your valuation up to date.
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Modify your purchase orders into a vendor receipt to keep away from twofold sections.
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Get your bookkeeping more authentic by coordinating purchase orders and invoices.
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