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Software Licensing & Implementation Services

AnaConEx Solutions (Pvt) Ltd help customers save time and money, by using a certified team that delivers consistent and accurate volume licensing solutions that fit our customers’ needs. As a Microsoft & Odoo Licensing and Solution Providers, our enterprise-level volume licensing will give you the best value for money and the flexibility to scale your software license purchases based on growth.

Our expertise in implementing software and licenses for a variety of complex architectures has also helped facilitate smarter purchasing decisions based on actual user experience.

This enables our clients to optimize the use of their software assets, avoid legal, security, and human resource issues, improve the forecast of IT resource requirements, and reduce software, compliance, and licensing costs.

Additionally, as companies begin to implement cloud services, we are able to provide a convenient way to license both on-premise software and online services through the Enterprise Agreement.

Our offerings cover the entire spectrum of your license needs through our academic, government, transactional, and pay-as-you-go licensing agreements minus the complexity.

We bring leading-edge software and localize it to your needs, besides backing it up with great value-added services.

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