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Odoo Webinar Pakistan Edition – Odoo v15 Explained

Odoo webinar was held online on the 23rd of February 2022 on the official YouTube channel of Odoo. The principal agenda of this online webinar was to introduce Odoo and its functionalities to individuals. The speakers, Mr. Arman Iqbal (Account Manager – Pakistan) and Mr. Syed Umair (Business Advisor – Pakistan), mainly focused on demonstrating some of Odoo’s business function apps. Apart from that, they presented what Odoo has achieved in Pakistan till now.

What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP is primarily a business management software that helps companies run efficiently. You can describe it as a suite of business apps that assist in catering to the core needs of firms or industries. It is highly integrable and carries multiple options. These options in the form of apps allow controlling and maintaining multiple business activities.

Why Choose Odoo?

You may ask why Odoo should be chosen to fulfill all your business requirements? The answer is pretty simple. You may have some software on which you deal with your business. It may include some database software, some project management software and etc. It basically creates two-way communication. Moreover, the disjointed networks of these applications make things uneasy to handle.

Apart from that, multiple factors like training costs, and subscription fees of such apps make things more complicated. Not only this, but on other applications, data collection from multiple apps makes it a time-consuming process. Odoo on the other hand provides centralized data and data accessibility becomes easier.

There is more to the explanation part. Odoo not only serves all business needs but the R&D team is involved in the development of apps when there is any requirement from the customer that is supported by the market demand.

In addition to this, It is to mention that at the moment, there are more than 20,000 apps linked with Odoo in the AppStore. These apps are third-party applications that are built by developers. You are allowed to integrate your system with these applications.

Demonstration of the Software’s Working

The primary aim of this part of the discussion was to explain to the audience how easy it is to work with Odoo.

The speakers guided the development of a website through Odoo software. As a user, you do not need to have a technical background to create a website. You can generate a highly customizable website within a few steps. Also, you can get automated templates through it. Furthermore, pictures and animations are also added by the system related to your needs.

After the website part, the discussion took a turn towards creating opportunities and leads. Through ‘contact us’ or different social media channels, the system receives leads and the team gets into conversations with the customers, and then automated quotations are sent to the clients. The CRM software also mentions the medium on the system by which the customer approach. As a result, you can find out from where do you get the most attention. Because of this, you can work further on the engagement part.

After this, the talk shifted toward the Helpdesk app. You can get all your queries on a single platform. It is only possible if you use Odoo as business software. The integration of the website with the Helpdesk directly informs the system about the queries from the clients. After which, you can provide solutions to the customers.

What Odoo has achieved in Pakistan:

From 2021 to date, Odoo has added 98 businesses on board. In addition, Odoo has added more than 1700 enterprise users to the community.

Talking about the statistics, then the graph showed that mostly in Pakistan, the Wholesale and Retail industry uses Odoo. Apart from that, manufacturing and IT communication firms also use Odoo in great percentage.

The business management software started to grow mainly after 2018. A steep, sharp upward trend is continued to date.

Odoo Partners’ Role Defined in Odoo Webinar:

To cater to the clients in multiple ways, Odoo has its partners to accompany the local businesses. These Odoo partners make things simpler for local businesses through their implementation processes.

Odoo Pricing:

It is for sure that Odoo pricing for every customer is different. Cost-Effectiveness is kept for every single app on Odoo. The structure of pricing is mostly dependent on the number of users. Moreover, the applications you select add more to your price. Apart from that, the hosting and implementation fee is also included in the overall bill.

You may check Odoo prices on their official website. For further consultation, you can contact us.


That’s all! You may have got plenty of knowledge regarding the Odoo webinar in this Blog. For further information and consultation, contact us.


  • Jaffar Zaidi
    Posted March 3, 2022 at 11:20 am

    Very knowledgeable article about Odoo ERP business management software. After reading article Business setup’s administrator must think about this software.

    • Fatima Anjum
      Posted July 13, 2022 at 8:15 pm

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts Jaffar.

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