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Odoo Advanced Accounting

Let’s face it: accounting is the backbone of each ERP system. All businesses need to have good control over their accounting principles, which is why it’s so important to have a solid understanding of them.

odoo accounting training

Odoo is a powerful open-source business application with hundreds of modules and applications. In our Odoo Advanced Financial Accounting Management course, you’ll get the best-in-class instructional lectures from Odoo Certified Experts. After completing our Odoo functional training, you will understand how to use Odoo’s core business application—its accounting features—and be able to manage your business.

Odoo ERP Dashboard

We at AnaConEx believe that accounting can be fun. So we’re offering Odoo functional training—that will teach you everything you need to know to use Odoo, an open-source accounting software, in your business. Not only will you learn how to use the software, but you’ll also learn how to apply it in your own business.

Odoo financial accounting and management course is designed for business analysts and consultants who want to apply to Odoo for their own businesses or for C-level management looking for a better way of understanding their finances.

So are you ready to take the leap into Odoo Online training?

In this financial accounting and management course, we’ll start with an introduction to basic accounting principles and move into more advanced topics like double-entry bookkeeping and financial statement analysis (FYI: these are two totally different things). We’ll also cover how all these concepts fit together in an ERP—enterprise resource planning—system.

Odoo financial accounting And management courses will be taught online via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet so that we can interact with each other as much as possible during class time. There will also be lots of exercises and practice assignments so that by the end of the Odoo software training, you’ll have mastered all the skills needed to successfully use Odoo in your own business!

A description of Odoo Advanced financial accounting management course

  • Introduction to Odoo financial accounting and management course
  • Installation of Accounting Application
  • Settings
  • Dynamic Reports/BI
  • Overview
  • Accounting Dashboard overview
  • Costing Method
  • Setup of Valuation Methods
  • Journal setup
  • Tax Setup
  • Multi-Currency
  • Chart of Accounts Principles & Setup
  • Overview
  • Create a Bill
  • Register a Payment
  • Prepayments
  • Printing Checks
  • Refunds
  • Overview & Creating an Invoice
  • Register a Payment
  • Payment Terms
  • Down Payments
  • Follow Up Reports
  • Credit Notes
  • Overview
  • Syncing a Bank Account
  • Importing Bank Statements
  • Manual Bank Statements
  • Reconciling
  • Bank Transfers
  • Overview
  • Using a Payment Link
  • Online Payments
  • eCommerce Payments
  • Reconciling payments from a Payment Acquirer
  • Overview
  • Create, Use, and Report Taxes
  • Fiscal Positions
  • Tax Software
  • Landed Costs
  • Manufacturing Accounting
  • Manufacturing Accounting with Landed Costs
  • Expense Accounting
  • Multi Currencies
  • Partial Payments
  • Dealing with Cash
  • End of Year Closing
  • Analytic Accounts / Cost Accounting
  • Budgeting Models
  • Reconciliation Models
  • Deferred Expenses
  • Deferred Revenue
  • Assets Model

The Acaconex team is proud to offer the most comprehensive financial accounting and management course in the market. Our top-notch instructors will take you through all the steps of setting up an Odoo account and then show you how to set up the account to advance features.

We legitimately wait for your presence at Odoo ERP TRAINING!

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