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Meet Odoo 17

Odoo 17 Features -Your Business’s Coolest Upgrade Yet!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – Odoo 17 has arrived with a bang! With Odoo 17 features Imagine a faster, more secure Odoo, brimming with exciting AI solutions. And that’s not all – our beloved apps have been given a fresh coat of paint with odoo 17 new features to keep things interesting.

Now, let’s address the purple elephant in the room – Odoo 17 has undergone a complete redesign! While we bid farewell to the purple, the new design embodies everything we believe in: it’s clean, exciting, intuitive, fun, and, just like the rest of Odoo, it’s here to make your workdays better, one feature at a time, over a decade.

But enough chit-chat – let’s dive into the juicy details of Odoo 17 features!

Introducing the Industry Library

Creating a database can be overwhelming, especially when faced with countless apps. Fear not, Odoo 17 release comes to the rescue with the Industry Library – your secret weapon against implementation chaos.

No more starting from scratch. Just pick your industry from the library, and watch as a selection of related apps is magically installed, preconfigured with business flows and demo data customized for your industry. Whether it’s an automatically generated website, a catalog with demo products, or preconfigured appointment types – the possibilities are endless.

We’re not keeping this magic to ourselves. We’re counting on you, our community, to share your thoughts and start your free trial. Together, let’s make the Industry Library a game-changer for everyone!

odoo 17 features

Revolutionizing Point of Sale

Hold on to your hats – Odoo 17 Point of Sale has undergone a major facelift! Now, your customers have more options than ever – order and pay by scanning QR codes with their phones or use a self-service kiosk.

But that’s not all. The new Kitchen Display app is a game-changer for kitchen staff, ensuring each order is processed efficiently. Customizing your menu is a breeze with new features like combos and improved variants. And guess what? Online table bookings are now seamlessly integrated. You asked for it, and we heard you!

For an in-depth look at the revamped Point of Sale

odoo 17 features

AI Takes Center Stage – ChatGPT in Odoo

Enter the era of AI revolution! We’re thrilled to announce the integration of ChatGPT with Odoo. It’s not just a moment; it’s a game-changer. Use ChatGPT to generate alternatives for your text across our apps. Feeling stuck? A good prompt is all you need to generate text from scratch!

Imagine the possibilities. AI can now supercharge your Knowledge articles, spice up your Marketing app campaigns, or revamp your email templates. And hold onto your seats because the Website app just got a turbo boost – creating a new website or page is now a breeze with auto-generated content perfectly aligned with your business. The AI copywriter tool even offers a range of alternative text suggestions for every need.

Ready to embrace the future with Odoo 17 release? Try it out,  explore the features, and join us in creating software that’s not just powerful but also a joy to use.

Website Wonders:

Exciting news for all Odoo adventurers – the website scraper is now live! Say goodbye to lengthy migrations and manual copy-pasting. With this new feature, you can transform any website into an Odoo page with just a few clicks. Magic, right?

And don’t let WebP format images play second fiddle to ChatGPT. These compressed wonders mean better page load times, improved visitor experience, and even a boost in SEO ranking. Why does it matter? Because all images in Odoo Website are now automatically compressed to WebP format!

Odoo Website has more tricks up its sleeve – a better overview of page templates, a fresh header and footer design, an upgraded shape library, tags, and images for eCommerce variants, plus the ability to add multiple email domains.

Oh, and did we mention a complete revamp of the customer portal and the front end of eCommerce, Events, Forums, and Appointments? It’s all there, shining brighter than ever!

Sales' Secret Weapons:

Sales staff, rejoice! New Odoo 17 features have been added to your arsenal in Odoo 17. The new quotation builder empowers you to create personalized quotations for your clients, complete with images, detailed product descriptions, custom messages, and terms and conditions – the sky’s the limit!

Say farewell to the hassle of searching and adding products to quotations with an imperfect drop-down. With Odoo 17 one click, you gain a comprehensive view of all your products. Efficiency at its finest!

odoo 17 features

WhatsApp Integration:

Drumroll, please! You asked for it, and Odoo delivered – WhatsApp is now seamlessly integrated! Send Sales Order confirmations, shipping details, invoices, payment links, Point of Sale receipts, Event reminders or tickets, and customized messages from Contact view. Strengthen customer relationships by receiving and responding to any other types of messages – it’s a game-changer!

Supply Chain Superpowers:

Manufacturing, Inventory, and Barcode aficionados, this one’s for you! With new features Odoo 17 has listened to your feedback and introduced several features to make your work smoother.

The new Manufacturing Order Overview centralizes all relevant data, making replenishment a breeze. The Shop Floor app replaces Tablet View, offering work center operators a game-changing experience. Scan components using a barcode scanner or any mobile device, and watch as everything gets updated in a flash!

The Inventory app got a facelift too – the picking flow now provides instant quantities per location as you reserve products.

Excited? We thought so! Dive into new Odoo 17 features, try it for freeread the release notes, and check out the video. It’s time to elevate your Odoo experience!

Employees, Attendance, Payroll & all things HR:

Odoo 17 has gone all out to make this the best version of HR apps to date. The Employees section got a makeover with a sleek hierarchy view, while Attendance became more user-friendly with a deceptively simple button – now you can check in from virtually anywhere! The homeworking module, combined with geolocalization tracking, gives you a comprehensive overview of your team’s working plans.

And calling all international users! Enjoy tailored payroll packages for Belgium, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Kenya, Mexico, the USA, and Australia, aligning with each country’s standards.


The Accounting module got a facelift with improved localization packages for Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, and Spain. Hold onto your hats – Odoo now supports Peppol, a standardized e-invoicing system, making invoicing and financial processes smoother. Plus, a scam protection feature is now on board, giving you a heads up when transferring funds to non-trusted vendor accounts.

Managing deferred entries just got more flexible, separated from assets to create deferred revenues and expenses on the fly.

New apps: Meeting rooms, Frontdesk, To-do:

Ever wished your meeting room could be a little more informative? Meet the Meeting Rooms app with a display mode that shows current and upcoming meetings – bookable directly from a tablet next to the room’s entrance.

Say goodbye to lost guests with the Frontdesk app! Guests can check in, notify the right person, and even order a drink – all through one sleek mobile app.

And remember the Notes app? Well, it’s evolved into To-do – a simple yet powerful productivity tool. Convert any To-do into a Project task for even better organization.

Odoo 17 – making productivity your middle name! Try it out for free here.

Happy exploring, and may your productivity soar with new Odoo 17 features!

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