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Sign, send, and approve documents online. Upload your signature and drag and drop fields without any problem

Get documents signed up faster

Improve your business, increase your profitability.

Odoo Sign is a quick and helpful approach to sign, send, and approve documents. Plan contracts through drag & drop basis to be finished by the clients, submit signature requests instantly, and track sent document’s status.

Go paperless, increase ROI

Utilize all the advantages of our simple and easy integrated e-signature.

Cut costs

Save expenses on extra charges like copying, printing, shredding, scanning, posting, and faxing. All Documents are available online from any device. Never misplace your documents again.

Save time

Save your time from waiting for everyone to sign a document. Click a few links and forward the document to everyone.

Reduce errors

Reduce manual tasks and improve the Document quality signed and filled out. Ensure parts that require a signature are signed.

Eliminate all risks

Do not stress, we have you secured.

Secure Identification

All interactions on Documents are encoded to guarantee just authorized individuals can get the content access and the document. 

Documents Integrity

Odoo monitors the Authoritative Document consistently. Any alteration on the document like a sign, read, etc is encrypted to guarantee Document security. An audit log report is accessible to everyone all the time.

100% Legal

Odoo Sign provides a substantial electronic sign that is valid under EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS) and US ESIGN Act. They likewise meet the necessities for electronic signatures in many regions.

Support every level of your organization

Smooth out your whole work process and increase productivity

Sales & operations

Increase your win rates and diminish the sales cycle via the automated signing of your contracts. Improve the relationship with clients.

Human resources & staffing

Enhance recruiting process and communication with candidates by sending electronic evaluation forms and work contracts.

Tax & accounting / administration

Simply monitor all documents, procedures, and delays. Remain sorted out with all documents, accessible electronically at all times.
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